An Innovative Approach to Assess and Value Water Quality

Every AquaKredit in your wallet is an investment into a sustainable future for the planet, your fellow citizens and you

The Positive Water Credit

What Makes Aquakredit Unique

By purchasing credits, any entity can become a more responsible global citizen by helping to offset their own Water footprint.

Based on Reality

As nature changes, so does AquaKredit. This means a continuous minting cycle, no fixed supply, and an automated burn mechanism. The amount of Aquakredits in circulation is ultimately limited only by planetary boundaries. That’s how we build a truly sustainable water-positivity economy.

Sustainable Contribution

The stability of AquaKredit's price is linked to its real-world utility value. ESG regulations are mandatory for many large companies and financial participants. To meet demands and gain a competitive edge, companies voluntarily enhance and disclose their ESG performance.

Quantity and Quality

AquaKredit aims to go beyond just accounting for quantity of water saved, harvested or recycled by incorporating additional indicators on quality and the inherent nature of water. Nature needs to be valued as an integrated system.

Jump start your water journey

The primary objective of AquaKredit is to help quantify savings of water and eventually help factor the quality of water being saved into the value of the credit itself.

Buy, Offset, Trade and Hold Aquakredits

How It Works

Begin earning Aquakredits in just 3 easy steps


Join the platform seamlessly with the assistance of our team and necessary requirements

Get Audited

Upon successful verification of audit, a digital water savings account will be established

Earn Aquakredits

The credits are issued depending on the validation of savings through bills or other verifiable data

Begin your water positive journey today!

Wherever you are in your journey, we can offer advice, guidance and support with water. We’ll also outline the benefits your business can reap by partnering with Aqverium.