Building a water marketplace

One-Stop Voluntary Marketplace and Exchange. Aqverium’s AquaDEX is the gateway to programmable water credits.

Dashboard to manage the water journey

Repository of all projects on a public ledger

Single Source of Trust for Brands and Water Projects

Every participant is validated and authenticated during onboarding

Brands get a detailed assessment of their water footprint

Buy available Aquakredits. Offset to improve WSS Score

Water projects can sell Aquakredits and get reimbursed or financed for the project


Liters of Validated Water Savings

How It Works

Our proprietary framework and protocol will generate a unique and objective Water Sustainability Score (WSS) for each brand


Water Projects

Gateway To A Water Positive Future

The Journey from saved water to tradable AquaKredits

1 Aquakredit = 1000-10000 liters of water saved/recycled/harvested/purified

Validated projects based on ecological value of the water generated