Confidently Benchmark Your Water Use, and Monitor Your Action Journey.

Redefining industry norms through leading water footprint measurement and boosting your brand's sustainability journey.

Actively Tracking Your Water Footprint

Calculating water footprints, meeting climate disclosure requests, and achieving water positivity used to be hard. With AqVerium you don’t need to be a technical expert. Just answer simple questions, upload your data, and our team will guide you through the process from beginning to end


Become a validator

Utilize our top-tier audit framework to gauge your water footprint, create a water balance sheet for your business through the audit, and report to investors for an evaluation of your footprint.

Tailored Water Assessment for Businesses of All Sizes

Claims, Validation and Interaction

Demonstrate your dedication to environmental responsibility by presenting footprinting outputs that support validations and credible interactions.

Internal Goal Settings and Reduction Roadmaps

Managing what you don't measure is challenging. Utilize our measurement tools and analysis to establish and reach your environmental goals.

Policy and Packaging Tax Compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements using tailor-made water footprinting tools and ensure compliance with upcoming regulations and policies.

External Reporting

Effortlessly meet your reporting obligations for voluntary agreements with a customized water footprinting method that ensures accuracy.

Industry Benchmarking

Evaluate your products' water usage in comparison to similar brands and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement.

Footprint Auditing

Verify the precision of your water footprint calculations and enhance sustainable performance with our auditing services.

Pioneering Water Footprint Assessment

Our easy-to-use, scientifically robust, and fully customizable measurement tools simplify the process of comprehending and tracking your water conservation efforts.