Aqverium is a joint initiative of Aquakraft and Bosch.

Join the world’s 1st digital water bank

Become water positive in less than 30 minutes

Aqverium is the World’s First Digital Water Bank & Exchange for Voluntary Water Offsets.

Asses your water footprint, trade in real time and offset water footprint to become a net water neutral entity

Placing water at the heart of everything, Aquakredits serve as a representation of water saved, recycled, harvested, or purified


Water Sustainability Score

The world’s first water sustainability report card for brands, simply broken down in a 1-100 score, Be the brand your customers love! Join millions of products displaying the most trusted marks for verified water action.

Enhance reputation

Foster trust and loyalty among customers

Align with sustainability goals

Adopting the Water Sustainability Score represents a commitment from organization’s and helps it gain recognition among the symbols that affect the purchases of our conscious consumers.

Cruelty Free



Water Sustainability Score

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Our platform enables businesses and water projects alike to both measure and track their water score.


Calculate your footprint, analyze your water consumption, and gradually become 100% Net Water Positive. No matter the size of your organization, we have a solution for you.

Independent Water Projects

Do you want to take action, but are unsure to start? Determine your water footprint and offset water credits by investing in a portfolio of high-impact water positive projects of your choice.

How Aqverium Works

The Aqverium platform allows users to trade tokenized Aqua credits. Our advanced engine matches businesses with pooled aquakredits from empowered projects.

Our Registry

Our certified projects are a cornerstone for the implementation of Aqverium’s standards and programs.

They facilitate the transparent listing of information, issued and retired credits, and enable the trading of credits. Aqverium also ensures the uniqueness of projects and credits in the system.

Brand As Leaders of Water Stewardship​

Aqverium is leading the charge in responsible corporate offsetting, helping you meet your ambitious climate goals while unlocking much needed transparency and efficiency in the voluntary Water market. Whether you’re looking to offset historical Water management or developing a customized plan to shape the future of carbon removal, we’re ready to meet you wherever you are in your journey to net zero.

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Administration, Business and Management Services

Information and Educational Services

Agriculture, Farming, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

Construction and Mining

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

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Food and Beverage Services

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Transportation, Wholesale
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Airports, Hotels, Retail, Offices, Museums, Real Estate, Rental and Leasing

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